Looking out the rear view mirror

b2ap3_thumbnail_yj-mirror.jpgThe Jeep is 1994 vintage and does show signs of many a mile.  While '94 is young for a Jeep, there are many things that do wear.  One such item has become an annoyance and needed attention - rear view mirrors.  The stock Jeep mirrors are on swivel ball joints.  Over time, these have loosened to the point they do not stay in position.

To put it in perspective, the windshield rear view mirror is next to useless once an over sized tire on a bumper-mounted rack is in place.  That leaves the door mounted side rear view mirrors as the sole point to see what is beside and behind.  Once they no longer stay in position, rear view is a problem. An OEM replacement part was easily located, ordered, and quickly delivered.

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A quick inspection of the delivered parts showed a design change from the stock.  While the stock mirror was on a swivel ball mount connected to the mounting bracket, the new design features a multi-position detent to connect the mirror to the bracket.

The mirror housing contains the mirror that does move to adjust to fit necessary driver needs.  The detent positioning allows for the mirrors to be pulled in if necessary while keeping the fine driver specific adjustment in tact. The new design is a marked improvement over the original design.

Installation is a simple matter of removing three screws and the old mirror.  The new mirror fits in place with three new screws provided.

Installation time was about 15 minutes total for both mirrors.  Time included unpacking the new mirrors, finding the correct Thorax wrench, removing the old mirrors, and installing the new mirrors.
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