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July 29 Bike Week Radio Features DPR Cabal/Scandal

HQ’s – Don Amador – was on Bike Week Radio on July 29 talking with Scott Cox and the gang about the ongoing budget scandal at CA State Parks.   We covered a lot of issues related directly or indirectly with this issue.  Topics included; culture of corruption at DPR,  institutional bias at DPR against OHV,  wild variances from year to year of funds coming (or not coming) to OHV,  CA Parks Foundation/Green cabal, anti-OHV scheme to defund OHV program and then sue when trails are not maintained,  the look-the-other-way credo at DPR, etc.

This is a hard hitting interview with NO punches pulled.  BE ADVISED – it is not for the weak of heart or for those who do not want to believe that hard-core anti-OHV groups are scheming to get motorized recreation  banned on public lands

My interview runs from 33.24 to 45.37.  The hosts also discussed the issue between themselves until the close of the program – Good on them… they get it!

Click Here to Listen to the July 29 Bike Week Radio Archived Show

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