Long ATV Ramps for Lifted Trucks Available

Long ATV RampsLongATVRamps.com launches new site for providing ATV and UTV ramps for tall trailers or lifted trucks

Harrisburg, PA–  LongATVRamps.com announced the launch of two new websites – www.longatvramps.com and www.longutvramps.com to meet the needs of ATV and UTV owners will tall trailers or lifted trucks.  The company offers 9.5’ ramps for truck with up to 6” lifts and 11.5’ ramps for trucks with over 6” of lift.  

These new ramps provide safe loading with several unique safety features. The lengths of the new ramps provide a lower incline and slower, safer ascension into the truck bed.  Three inch side walls keep ATV and UTV tires inside the track.  Also, front kick stops prevent the ramps from kicking forward while loading.  

The ramps are constructed of Aluminum side angle with .75” aluminum rungs and are rated at 2000 lbs per set of 9.5’ ramps and 1600 lbs per set of 11.5’ ramps.  Due to their aluminum construction, the ramps are relatively lightweight, weighing only 31lbs for each 9.5’ ramp and 37 lbs for each 11.5’.

Longatvramps.com provides direct to consumer savings making long ramps cost far less than many other ATV ramps on the market.   

About LongATVRamps.com

LongATVRamps.com manufactures strong, lightweight ATV Ramps.  Their ramps focus on safe loading of ATVs and UTVS onto tall trailers or lifted trucks.
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