PU‐Products, LLC  is pleased to announce our newest product:  THE QWIK RAX SYSTEM    PU-Products Qwik Rax System

Designed specifically to hold our exclusive 5‐gallon, 2 handled utility jug securely in a variety of mounting applications and not to forget Jerry Cans, Coolers, Bikes! 

The QWIK RAX JUG HOLDER holds the jug in place by utilizing the indented ribs of the utility jug. Made of 1 inch, formed steel tubing and powder coated in black, the QWIK RAX features several 5/16 inch holes on three sides and the bottom so that it can be mounted almost anywhere and in any direction. For example, on a tailgate, truck bed, outside or inside an off‐road vehicle and more.

Two or more QWIK RAX can be mounted next to each other to create a ‘bank’ of jugs! A locking steel handle secures the jug and the variety of slots and holes, will allow you to use stretch straps, such as our ROK™Straps.

The QWIK RAX can also be paired with our Spare Back Board Strap-on. Mounts quickly in under 3 minutes over your spare tire on most all vehicles. Allowing you to carry your cooler and extra jug easily and securely on the back of your Jeep, F.J., Suzuki, Hummer and other vehicles.

MSRP Starting at $149 - Available from PU‐Products

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