4 Wheel Parts Introduces a New Line of Extang Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

Tonneau covers can be a priceless asset to have for a truck and 4 Wheel Parts wants to make sure everyone can get the tonneau cover that is perfect for them. By adding a new line of Extang Tonneau covers to our inventory, 4 Wheel Parts offers a variety that is unparalleled so everyone is guaranteed to find the best one for his or her truck bed.

Compton, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2009 -- 4 Wheel Parts, the nation's largest distributor of off road parts and accessories for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, announces the launch of a new line of quality tonneau covers by Extang. An Extang tonneau cover offers a number of benefits including up to 10% increased gas mileage, weather resistance for all climates, and a quick no-drill installation.

If someone has been looking for a tonneau cover for a truck, they can't go wrong with Extang. With such a wide variety, there's sure to be one for every type of application. The off-roader on-the-go can benefit from any one of Extang's roll-up tonneau covers, which provide quick and easy access to the truck bed. There's no time wasted unfastening or securing. Instead, this tonneau cover allows the owner to get in, get their cargo, and get on with their life.

Or maybe someone carries larger cargo in their truck bed and needs the option of transporting objects that are too big to go underneath the tonneau cover. In that case, an Extang folding tonneau cover is the perfect fit. These truck bed covers are divided into multiple panels that fold up to rest against the cab, providing the owner with full access to the truck bed. This makes it so much easier, allowing for transportation of large cargo without having to remove the tonneau cover. When the job is done, just fold it back down to protect any remaining cargo in the truck bed.

If the chance of rain or snow fills someone with dread as they imagine their truck bed filling with water and doing irreparable damage to their belongings, then an Extang hinged tonneau cover is right up their alley. It has incredible resistance, holding up under hundreds of pounds of snow. Plus, it has a self-draining system to channel water away, keeping cargo dry and damage-free. It's even possible to get a tonneau cover that comes equipped with a tool box, which is really handy for a contractor or someone who just likes to do a lot of their own home repairs.

4 Wheel Parts offers competitive pricing on every single one of these tonneau covers, plus a wide selection of lift kits, leveling kits, tires, wheels, and much more. To get more information on Extang tonneau covers and every other variety, call 877-474-4821 or visit www.4WheelParts.com.

About 4 Wheel Parts: 4 Wheel Parts has been a leading provider of tonneau covers, lift kits, and other off road vehicle parts for over 40 years. Learn more about the benefits of a tonneau cover at http://www.4WheelParts.com.

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