Light and Bright is Best for Road Safety

Light and brightly coloured cars are more likely to help you to be seen on the roads according to new research by NRMA Insurance.

Sydney, NSW December 5, 2008 -- Light and brightly coloured cars are more likely to help you to be seen on the roads according to new research by NRMA Insurance.

The results show that light and brightly coloured cars such as white, yellow, beige and red are involved in around 10 per cent fewer crashes than dark coloured cars such as black, green and blue.*

NRMA Insurance spokesperson Adam Macbeth said the car insurance research indicates that lightly coloured cars are more visible and potentially a safer option for car buyers.

"We also found that the average cost of repairs for light coloured cars is less than dark coloured cars, which may suggest they may be involved in less severe accidents," he said.

According to RTA vehicle data, white coloured cars are the most popular choice for consumers.

"NRMA Insurance encourages car buyers to consider a car's safety features, particularly whether it has electronic stability control, before purchasing," said Mr Macbeth. "The colour of the vehicle should also be part of this decision process."

Mr Macbeth said around one in ten (9 per cent) NSW drivers considered 'colour and/or looks' as the most important consideration when purchasing a car.**

The NRMA Insurance study was conducted to establish whether colour impacts a car's visibility.

"By using our claims data we analysed car crashes which occurred at dawn and dusk, as those are the times where visibility of cars on the road is poor, especially when drivers don't use their headlights.

"The research proved our belief that dark coloured cars like black, green and blue, which more easily blend into the environment, appear to be more at risk than lighter coloured cars.

"We encourage all drivers to turn their headlights on when driving at dawn and dusk or when conditions are poor to increase the visibility of their car," said Mr Macbeth. "And when driving on rural roads, even in good light conditions, it is often advisable to use the headlights to avoid blending into the surrounding environment."

- Yellow
- White
- Cream
- Beige
- Red

- Green
- Black
- Blue
- Silver

*Based on NRMA Insurance claims data.
**Based on attitudinal research completed by Woolcott, August 2008.

About NRMA Insurance
NRMA is a leading New South Wales provider of general insurance, including car insurance, home insurance and contents insurance.


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