Cypress, Calif. - May 7, 2013 - Nitto Tire, a leading innovator in high performance tires, announces the launch of the NT421Q, its new all-season UHP tire line for the CUV and SUV replacement tire market. The product is now available in 31 sizes (with three more coming soon) and is designed to offer a versatile product line for dealers to accommodate a variety of popular vehicle fitments.

"The NT421Q is a product created through the fusion of several new technologies," said Alan Ngo, Senior Staff Engineer of Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc. "We have incorporated technologies traditionally found only in specific weather and performance dedicated tires to create a product that truly thrives in all weather conditions."

The NT421Q features two advanced siping technologies, each one providing specific performance attributes. The innovative siping designs increase both grip and tread-block rigidity under acceleration, braking and cornering conditions. In addition, the latest tread compound incorporating new high-grip polymer, wear-oriented polymer and increased silica delivers enhanced safety performance as well as longevity. The NT421Q is backed by a class-leading mileage warranty of 75,000 miles for H and V speed-rated sizes and 60,000 miles for W speed-rated sizes. To further assist the consumer in getting the most tread life out of their tires, the NT421Q also comes equipped with Intelligent Maintenance Indicators that provide an early alert for irregular wear and potential issues with the vehicles suspension alignment. UTQG ratings for the NT421Q are 640 A A for H and V speed-rated sizes and 560 A A for W speed-rated sizes.

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