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Napier Precision Products Introduces a more Durable Fender Flare for the Jeep Cherokee XJ.

CHARLESTOWN, Indiana, July 5, 2010 – Jeep Cherokee Owners now have a new option in high performance fender flares. The founder of Napier Precision Products recently introduced the V2 Fender Flares for the Jeep Cherokee XJ 1997 - 2001, 4 door.

The V2 Fender Flares are heavy duty, oversized, and cut-out style fender flares. They are made from the industry standard rigid ABS plastic. But the V2 Fender Flares are 50% thicker to withstand abuse on the trail or street.

Doug Napier said he saw a need for better quality fender flares when the expensive set of aftermarket fender flares on his Jeep Cherokee XJ shattered on their first trail ride. After hearing that this was common, he developed fender flares that would hold up to trail use, look great on the street, and still be affordable.

V2 Heavy Duty Fender Flares - Jeep Cherokee XJ 97-01, 4 door

As a result, the V2 Fender Flares can withstand a "crush test" that involves parking a Jeep Cherokee on a fender flare. They blend much better with the look of the Jeep Cherokee and are still competitively priced.

The V2 Fender Flares are 50% thicker to withstand abuse on the trail or street. They extend out around 3.25" which is the perfect width to cover most popular oversize tires. This maintains an aggressive stance without sticking out too far. Also, these fender flares are the popular "cut-out style" that maximizes the wheel well opening allowing for larger tires and more articulation.

Jeep Cherokee Owners have been impressed with the performance of the V2 Fender Flares.

Jake, Spokane, Washington – I can’t believe how sturdy these are once they are mounted. I have seen sets of those (other brand) flares and I have to tell you man, these things are far superior!

Brian "Swampman", Ontario, Canada - So far I am super pleased with this product.

Jay "Blacksheep01", Oklahoma – They are EXTREMELY thick and well worth the asking price.
Thanks again Doug and best of luck. Jay

Eric, Northern Idaho - I really like the look of these flares. Great job on making something IMO more tasteful for the XJ.

About Napier Precision Products:

Napier Precision Products was founded by Doug Napier to develop more durable fender flares and other products for the Jeep Cherokee XJ and other vehicles.

For more information:
Napier Precision Products, Doug Napier, 502-727-8348

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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