Ansani Designs New Composite Jeep Hood Is 1970s-Retro

Tempe, AZ: Ansani Designs is now shipping the follow-up to its Jeep JK Wrangler Induction Hood, which won a Global Media Award at the 2009 SEMA trade show. The new "K5" Wrangler version extends the factory lines with a higher, broader, more muscular profile inspired by the classic Chevy Blazer. Ansani Designs created the new hood in response to enthusiast requests for a lighter-weight hood that improves engine-compartment space for power-adders such as superchargers, turbos and V-8 swaps. The hood's perimeter is fully sealed to keep dirt and rain out.

Ansani Designs products are made in the United States using a three-finished-sides quality-control process that's difficult to reproduce using currently available developing-country technology. The company's hand-laid uni-directional fiberglass technique saves weight -- about a 50 percent reduction -- while still keeping the hood rigid at highway speeds.

Installation is direct-replacement: the existing hinges and hardware are transferred from the OE sheetmetal hood to the Ansani Designs fiberglass model (some drilling is required). Ansani Designs ships its hoods in a primer-ready gelcoat finish so that they can be painted for an exact match to the Jeep. Retail-direct pricing is available.

For more information on this Jeep hood or replacement fiberglass bumpers with light pods for late-model Ford, Toyota, and Chevy/GMC fullsize trucks, contact Ansani Designs, 480-584-6292, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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