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SPECTECH Introduces Portable Magnetic Gun Rack

MAGnet Gun Caddy

SPECTECH, INC. Launches New Product for Hunters, The MAGnet Gun Caddy, a Smarter Way to Rest Your Gun

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 26, 2008 -- SpecTech, Inc., a Minnesota company that develops, manufactures and distributes products that make life easier, today announces the launch of the MAGnet Gun Caddy, along with the official website: www.magnetguncaddy.com. The product is a portable magnetic gun rack that provides a smarter way to temporarily rest an unloaded gun while protecting the hunter's vehicle. It is specifically designed for hunters preparing for, and returning from, the field. Small and light enough to fit in any pocket, the product can easily expand a gun locker holding capacity.

MAGnet Gun Caddy

Mr. Mike Kasbohm, CEO of SpecTech, Inc., is quoted as saying, "Our Company has a passionate respect for hunting and hunters. We sincerely appreciate that our customers are discovering how the MAGnet Gun Caddy enhances their hunting experience. Additionally, we are truly excited that we can offer our manufacturer and distributor partners a unique way to extend their brand with this product."

The company's manufacturer and distributor partners now have the opportunity to utilize the MAGnet Gun Caddy as a custom branded promotional item. SpecTech is currently in negotiations with hunting stores across the Midwest in keeping with its plan to further expand the availability of the product.

The Magnet Gun Caddy will be featured in the September issue of Shooting Industry Magazine. Additionally, the product will be highlighted on their new products section of their Website.

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JK Security Drawer

I use my JK and frequently wished for additional security due items I carry in order to be fully compliant with California laws regarding transportation of firearms.  I have tried another brand and it is functional but lacks room for more than one firearm. Tuffy Security Products provides two options.  One is a cable connect that can be released allowing the locked case to be transported.  Still, space limited.  The Tuffy JK Conceal Carry Security Drawer answers the need for security and space.

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Winches and Shackles


The innovators at BubbaRope have introduced a “soft shackle”, the GatorJaw.  This item is made from Plasma rope which is the highest synthetic rope available featuring a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs which makes them stronger that steel shackles.  Long used in marine environments, the light weight GatorJaw shackles are becoming popular in the off-road market.  The GatorJaw is winner of Best New Product Award at SEMA 2015.

The GatorJaw shackle features a knot on one end with a slip loop on the other end.  Simple loosening of the slip loop, feed the knot through the loop eye, and cinch it up.  You can easily (and quickly) join two tow straps or attach a tow strap to a winch line end.

As noted in the photo, the 7/16” soft shackle feeds through the hole on the Factor 55 winch line end eliminating the need for a steel shackle.

As it is a synthetic rope product, you should not attach it to sharp edges.  The fibers are stronger than steep but they are susceptible to wear and cutting.  When dirty, they can be washed and air-dried.  As with ALL towing equipment and accessories, inspect frequently for excess wear, cuts, worn or frayed areas.  Simple and easy to use, no rust, not fuss, and easy to care for….

Check out the GatorJaw and other products at http://www.bubbarope.com/

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Lock your stuff - Console Vault Install

Console Vault - Secure mobile storage

I found the console vault from ConsoleVault, Inc provides an convenient and elegant solution to hidden secure storage for many vehicle owners.  My Ford F-150 has a fold-down console/armrest in the front seat arrangement.  ConsoleVault provides drop-in key or combination boxes that are an exact fit for the console.  The vault is a 12 gage steel with pry-resistant hinges - sturdy construction.  The interior measurements are 7 inches by 9 inches.

The instructions are brief and claim 5-10 minutes installation using simple hand tools.  While installation was easy, it did take more than 10 minutes and did require more than simple tools.

To explain, the vault drops into a plastic frame which is the standard material in the fold-down console.  It is held in place with four self-tapping bolts.  While the bolts are supposed to pierce the plastic, I found 2 out of 4 would not.  And, a third bolt bottomed against a piece of metal before fully inserted.  So, one went in with no problem while the other three required pre-drilling a starter hole.  

With the install complete, the vault does provide a secure storage place for those valuables that need the protection from “smash and grab”.  The combination is based on a three number selection which can be changed when desired.

Yes, the vault is pricey.  Cheaper options are available.  Once installed, it does provide a layer of security.  The fit into the console is snug leaving little room for a screwdriver or pry-bar to force it out or force the lid open.  And, a product used by law enforcement does provide a certain amount of comfort knowing your valuables are protected with a quality product.

The console vault does come with a thin carpet liner.  I did cut a piece of rubber-backed indoor-outdoor carpet to use in place of the carpet liner provided.

Console Vault provides a wide range of mobile secure storage options that are designed for the specific vehicle.  Visit their website for additional information.

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For years, Pace Edwards customers have reported fuel economy gains—now independent studies prove it. Based on a study performed at Western New England College School of Engineering, the installation of a hard tonneau cover results in an 11.81% decrease in drag when compared to the same truck without a cover. The same study revealed that a truck cap (or canopy) actually increases drag to 11.11%. A study conducted by SEMA netted the same conclusion—a reduction in drag of almost 12%, and a significant fuel savings. With a Pace Edwards Roll-Top, JackRabbit, Full Metal JackRabbit or BedLocker cover in place, enthusiasts can not only enjoy better protection and improved appearance, but enhanced fuel economy as well. Pace Edwards, (888) 640 5902; www.pace-edwards.com


Pace Edwards has been the industry leader in premium retractable truck bed covers for more than 20 years. Located in Centralia, Washington, Pace Edwards covers are known for their innovative designs, quality construction and true functionality. Part of the Truck Accessories Group, Pace Edwards is a SEMA and NTEA member and proudly manufactures its products in the U.S.A.

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