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John Stewart

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough - Open Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein

I am writing on behalf of the public.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the coalition to formulate legislation for your proposal to create two monuments in the southern California desert region.  We have provided support for your efforts to work through the legislative process and enact legislation through Congress for your proposal.

During the discussions to develop the legislation language, we believed your assurances that you did not want the desert protection proposals to move forward by Executive Proclamation by way of the Antiquities Act presidential proclamation.

John Stewart

17 Candidate Species Found to No Longer Warrant Listing Due to Conservation Successes

ESA-driven collaborations among states, landowners and federal agencies are protecting once-imperiled species across U.S.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) completed status reviews for 17 species that were candidates for listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and found that all are now doing well and no longer warrant listing. These species will be removed from the ESA Candidate List. These findings represent years of collaborative efforts across the United States to conserve and restore once-imperiled species and their habitats and eliminate the need for ESA protection.

John Stewart

Recent RV-Related Recalls from NHTSA

Keystone RV and Forest River have issued recent RV-related recalls as reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA).

John Stewart

Safety Whip Mounting on a Jeep

Wash-15 OffRoad Whip MountPlaying in the sand box is fun.  Twists, turns, slops with sharp drop offs…  And, many different OHV styles can be found in the sand box.  To help with a good (and safe) dune experience, sand recreation areas are starting to require vehicles be equipped with a safety flag that can warn of an approaching vehicle as you crest the top of a dune.

John Stewart

Fire - good, bad and ugly

Burning PineWhen the wildfire smoke clears and blackened landscapes turn green, will your trails be there?  How about the water you drink?  Will it be clean and plentiful?

The word “FIRE” speaks of danger and calm.  The sight of fire, that 30 plus foot wall of flame, invokes a feeling of fear and imminent danger.  And, the warmth and glow of a fire in the fire place on a cold winter evening brings a sense of peace and contentment.  Fire is good.  Fire is bad.  And, uncontrolled wildfire is ugly.

John Stewart

DEI Introduces Jeep® Fuel Rail & Injector Cover Kit

Reflects heat away from fuel rail and injectors; reduces risk of fuel rail and injector heat soak

Avon Lake (September 18, 2015)…Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) now offers a thermal Fuel Rail and Injector Cover Kit designed to custom fit 1997-2004 Jeeps® equipped with an inline-six engine (L6). Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees often are at risk of heat related fuel system problems that can cause rough idle or slow starting.

DEI’s fuel rail and injector cover kit reduces rail and injector fuel temperatures; reducing instances of vapor lock. With thermal protection from radiant or direct engine heat, injectors will perform more efficiently with a more consistent throttle response.

John Stewart

Grab handles for your Jeep

Surprise Straps Grab HandlesJeeps are the top selling 4x4 on the market.  And, Jeep accessories are top sellers.  One of the first accessories Jeep owners do is lift the vehicle to provide for larger tires and additional ground clearance.  Well, one mod leads to another, which leads to another….

In the world of lifted Jeeps, getting into a seat can be a challenge.  To answer that, there is a mod.  Actually, several option do exist to provide additional hand-holds to assist climbing in the lifted Jeep.  I have tried a couple with mixed results.  When it came time to replace the grab handles, I came across the offerings from Surprise Straps.

John Stewart

Lead Ammunition Restrictions in Effect in California

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and our affiliate the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) recently alerted California hunters that the first phase of AB 711 took effect on July 1, 2015, drastically expanding California’s restrictions on lead ammunition for hunters. Prior to AB 711, it was already required to use ammunition that has been certified as non-lead by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife when taking certain animals within the “California condor zone.” AB 711 applies those restrictions to all ammunition when taking any wildlife throughout California.

John Stewart

Maintain Proper Distance Off-Road

Maintain Proper Distance Off-RoadMaintaining the proper distance between your vehicle and the one ahead can be tricky. Speeds vary, the terrain changes frequently, and visibility can drop quickly.

You want to stay close enough to the vehicle in front so you can learn from it but not tailgate and risk causing an accident or worse: not be able to read the terrain for yourself.

Even experienced drivers find it challenging to monitor trail conditions and nearby vehicles. Newer drivers tend to focus so much on the vehicle ahead that they end up tailgating—in essence, glued to his backside. In the process, they lose sight of the trail and any obstacles or difficult conditions. More important they lose track of the vehicle behind, which can throw off the entire caravan.

John Stewart

Unhacking the hacked Jeep

b2ap3_thumbnail_fca-logo.pngWhile the hacking of the government computers at Office of Personnel Management have received headline attention, this little hack attempt against the computer controlling a vehicle seems trivial - unless your are the vehicle owner.  The below news is from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.  As a corporation, they are stepping up and being proactive to ensure the computer systems in their products are safe.

John Stewart

ExtremeTerrain’s Jeep Wrangler JK Build

ExtremeTerrain JKExtremeTerrain has recently begun a complete overhaul of a unmodded 4 door JK Wrangler. For the first phase of this upgrade, ExtremeTerrain went for a full body armor upgrade. The mods not only give the JK a unique and rugged look, but they also go a long way towards getting the Jeep ready for some serious off-roading.

John Stewart

Blue: For Earth, For Humanity, For Freedom

BlueI have reviewed an interesting DVD presentation Blue: For Earth, For Humanity, For Freedom.  I found the presentation very interesting and very appropriate considering the current times where political correctness is bowing to the high priestess of “climate change”.

To put things in perspective, California is in midst of a multi-year drought and numerous measures are being enacted to conserve water.  The western U.S. Is in a 15 year “drought” cycle with declining rainfall and snow pack within the entire Colorado River drainage system.

Jay Ayala

Salvaged Power Window Regulators - 1989 Raider

TrailTalk ForumsAs 4x4 vehicles are subject to frequent dusty environments, an accumulation of dust can affect the functioning of simple things like power window controllers.  The following is a step by step procedure that was used to salvage the power window regulators in my 1989 Raider.  While these steps are specific to the Raider, similar steps may help in other Mitsubishi Montero and Raider model years.  As a word of caution, there are different types of power window control mechanisms.  And, this is an effort meant to save costs over full replacement cost of the regulator.

John Stewart

What NEPA is and is not...

b2ap3_thumbnail_legal-image.jpgI recently received an email from a county supervisor outlining a situation where the county believed that the Forest Service was in violation of a county law when they closed close to 400 miles of routes in the forest that spanned two counties.  After reading the details submitted, I noted several false assumptions cited in the discussion.

First, let me address what NEPA is and is not.

John Stewart

San Bernardino National Forest Map Card for Lowrance HDS & Elite HD Available

Big BearThe San Bernardino National Forest Lowrance GPS OHV map including popular areas like Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Silverwood, and Lytle creek, has been completed and is shipping! The mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest is packed with adventure. Loaded with trails from easy graded dirt roads to some of the most well known trails in California, such as the John Bull Trail.

John Stewart

But, it followed me home...

Ruger 10/22 Take-DownAfter the mandated California 10-day waiting period, I am still in the market for .22 LR lever action rifle.  My criteria is for a small, light-weight lever action that is easy to stash anywhere.  Well, my local gun store had no lever action rifles meeting my criteria. 

But, they did have a Ruger 10/22 - Take Down semi-auto version with stainless barrel and synthetic stock.  Best of all, being the Take Down version, the barrel separates from the stock and both pieces fit into a padded carrying case. Well, it isn't the lever action that was on my wish list; but, it is small, compact, light weight and easy to stash just about anywhere.  And, it had an appeal that I couldn't turn down.  Ten days later it followed me home.

John Stewart

BLM Planning Changes

b2ap3_thumbnail_blm-news.1.pngBureau of Land Management has announced an effort they are calling BLM Planning 2.0.  And, they are hosting (or did host) two listening sessions, one in Denver, CO and the other in Sacramento, CA.  I did attend the listening session in Sacramento.

For background, land management agencies are required to develop Resource Management Plans that provide the guidance for how the public lands under their care are "managed".  Typically, an RMP defines open areas, closed areas, and other special management conditions.  In recent years these management plans have become cumbersome to develop and subject to litigation.  Faced with outdated plans, BLM is seeking to change the rules of the game and make life easier for the agency and public.

John Stewart

Born again, new life for old grill

BBQ Stand to Chopsaw StandThe old grill had seen better days.  Weather and rust had taken it toll on the cast iron body.  But, before heading to scrape pile of history, there was life left in the stand.  The frame was sound.  There were wood platforms on each side.  One end had wheels.  It was the perfect base for my chop saw stand.

John Stewart

Replacing Worn Seatbelts

b2ap3_thumbnail_seat-belt-extender.jpgSeat belts have been around since the front lap belt was required on 1965 and new vehicles with front shoulder and rear lap belts appearing in 1968.  The traditional 3-point front belt became standard in 1974. One of the more important pieces of safety equipment in an off-road vehicle is the seat belt.

John Stewart

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